Can you believe it, y’all? Reveries Co. has a blog now! Not only do we have a blog, but we’re actually going to be posting on this blog! (More info to come on schedule, topics, etc.)

Mini Relaunch Tour

We’ll be having a relaunch tour which you can sign up for here. (It’s very flexible and tailored to YOU & YOUR BLOG! We want to be helpful instead of just uselessly seeking promotion.)

Our goal is to share writing advice with as many people as possible through this little tour while also getting the word out!

You can choose your own dates, though we’re aiming to have all posts up before the end of March. There are options to post on your blog, as well as all social media channels.

Hurry up and reserve your favorite guest post topic now before they run out! You can also feature an interview or simply post a bit of info about Reveries Co. Your choice!

Service Pricing is Going Up!

Services will be discounted until the 21st, so be sure to save your spot now before they go up …

Official Price Raises

(as of 3/6/2020, changes possible)

Editing (curr. all types) is going up to $3.00 / thousand words

Proofreading is going up to $2.00 / thousand words

Book Cover Design is going up to $75 for ebook, $120 for full wrap, and $150 for both.

More price changes will possibly be announced later on!

Topics …

We’ll be announcing schedules, topics, and such soon! We’re still considering themes, etc., so let us know if you have anything you want us to cover.

Comment below and let us know:

What would you like to see featured/talked about on Reveries Co?

Thanks & have a splendiferous day, writers!

Kellyn Roth

Reveries Co. Manager

What are you thinking?

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