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Kellyn Roth, through Reveries Company, got my non-fiction book in the correct format for publication including text, footnotes, page layout, and photos images. We worked together and came up with a great custom book cover I am proud of. The book cover is a way better than some companies who have “templates” to choose from that are much less appealing than the cover we custom designed. She also uploaded my book to the printing company I use. It is a marvelous job she did on my book and the price is very affordable!

I recommend her for any non-fiction works as I am so very proud of my book she completed for me. I couldn’t have done it without her expertise, professionalism, and keen eye for details. She is very easy to work with, which is a great plus. I can’t thank you enough, Kellyn, for doing such a tremendous job on my book!

~Richter Cox, author of Adam and Eve: The Founders of Egypt.

“I handed Kellyn the unenviable job of mimicking the interior format of the first book of a series, but she rose to the occasion to help me publish the second book. Kellyn went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the final results, and endured countless requests from me to tweak just “one more thing.” She was even so gracious as to work over a holiday weekend to help me meet my deadline, never complaining once. The prices at Reveries Co. are more than fair for the work they do. I will absolutely use Reveries Co. in the future!”

~Ruth Meyer, author of The Sola Series

“[Savannah Jezowski] worked with me to make sure it was exactly what I wanted, including patiently tweaking the tiny details I wanted changed. … I’d definitely recommend her services.”

~Sarah Ashwood, author of Aerisia

“[Angela R. Watts] was a joy to work with. … She made me get excited to start writing all over again! Angela is a kind, thorough, and amazing editor and I can’t wait to work with her again soon!”

​~Penny Wood, author of The Summer I Saw Blue Peak

“Kellyn was great to work with! She was helpful and fast, even in difficult circumstances.”

~S.G. Willoughby, author of He’s Making Diamonds

“Working with Mukta was an absolute pleasure. She is always timely and friendly, and has an incredible eye for detail and design!  Even though I was unclear in what I wanted, Mukta patiently guided me towards a design that I am in completely in love with!

Mukta made sure that I was involved in every decision and I really felt that she was taking care of me and my website as she went the extra mile again and again.

I was dreading an author website overhaul, so finding and working with Mukta was an absolutely worry-free blessing. Mukta makes the design process fun, fast, and completely painless. I would recommend Mukta’s pleasant and professional services to ANYONE!”

~Allison Tebo, author of The Reluctant Godfather

“Kellyn is very sweet and lovely in her teaching methods but is also honest when critiquing and giving constructive criticism. She is able to spot areas in which you may be weaker, giving you advice on how to fix them, and encourages you in your stronger areas.”

~Bethany Cordle, student

“I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the services Reveries Co. provides. Great communication, editing is completed in a timely manner, and the rates are great.”

~L.B. Anne, author of The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars

“Mukta Anjal recently did a book cover design for me, and she is definitely a keeper! I love the cover design she came up with; it was perfect for the story, and I am so proud of it. … I can’t wait to see what her imagination will come up with on my next books because she is incredibly talented when it comes to creativity. Looking forward to working with her again!”

~Ruth H. Miller, author of Uncharted Residence

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