Book Cover Design

It’s difficult for authors to understand this sometimes, but you can write the next Pride and Prejudice or Lord of the Rings, and it still won’t sell unless it’s in an attractive package.

Books don’t sell books. Covers sell books.

However, a professional book cover can cost upwards of $300. It’s not unusual to pay $800-$1,000 for a full wrap-around.

Reveries Co. offers professional and personalized cover design for a fraction of that price.

Our packages:


​This is if you only want your book to sell digitally. This costs $75, and includes 2 sets of revisions.

Full Wrap-Around

This is front, back, and spine all put together in one printable PDF package. This costs $120, and includes 2 sets of revisions.

Add an ebook cover for just $30!

Special Additions

Add four promotional images to the package of your choice. These can be buttons, banners, flyers, quote cards, or social media ads.
+$29 to the cost of the package!


​Covers will be created using a variety of images, fonts, and graphics from stock photo sites of the designer’s choice. If you want a specific element outside the designer’s resources, you will have to cover the cost.

Additional Revisions

​$10 each, so be specific about what you want, and don’t be afraid to demand excellence! That’s what we’re here for; to give you what you want.

Turnaround Time

2-3 weeks (depending on availability and the difficulty of your order)

Rush Orders

​Additional $20/$40 depending on the time limit.