Reveries Co. is only here because of these amazing ladies who keep the business running & offer you the professional and affordable services you love!
Give it up for …

Kellyn Roth

Along with being the founder of Reveries Co., Kellyn is a historical women’s fiction author, a writing teacher, a daughter of God, and a Dairy Queen aficionado. She lives on a ranch in Oregon with her family, border collies, a herd of cattle, and her cat, Jacqueline Sparrow.
Kellyn offers interior formatting, blog tour hosting, and media management.

Michaela Bush

Michaela Bush is a Christian author and editor. She enjoys serving Christ through her work and helping other writers achieve their dreams. This is where passion and workforce collide! She hopes to help fellow independent authors succeed so that her “favorite authors” list can expand!
Michaela offers copy and line editing, blog tour hosting, and media management.

Erika Mathews

Erika Mathews is freelance editor with over a decade of experience, and her goal is that each client’s message be professionally presented and clearly communicated. She writes devotionals, poetry, Christian living, children’s books, and kingdom adventure. Erika lives in Minnesota with her husband and two children.
Erika offers proofreading, copy and line editing, and blurb critique.

Savannah Jezowski

Savannah Jezowski, a fantasy author and book cover designer, lives in Amish country with her husband and wee warrior princesses. She also founded Dragonpen Designs which offers affordable services to indie authors. She is the author of three books and is featured in four anthologies and several online magazines.
Savannah offers developmental editing, interior formatting, and book cover design.

Jessica Greyson

Jessica Greyson is a writer and graphic designer, who is a tea-drinking, sword-swinging authoress that seeks to serve the Lord through her pen and designs. Having written since the age of twelve, she loves to share her experience and expertise with those who are on their writing journeys and following their dreams.​
Jessica offers interior formatting and book cover design.

Mukta A.

Mukta found a love for design before she even realized it. She has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and helping people develop a design that they will be genuinely proud to call their own. She is self trained and someday hopes to achieve professional training in design and web development. She tries her best to make sure that the people who take her services receive the best and most effortless experience.
Mukta offers book cover, graphic, and web design.

Katarina Fernandez

Katarina loves scribbling ideas in journals, scheming up ways to fit more books in her already-stuffed bookshelves, and sipping cup after cup of peppermint tea. She currently offers mentorship to writers through her role as a community assistant on the Young Writers Workshop and works as a manuscript reader for Illuminate YA, an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina.
Katarina offers proofreading and line & developmental editing.

Sonja Jacobsen

Sonja Jacobsen is a college student and freelance artist in the Pacific Northwest. She has experience in graphic design, illustration, editing, and proofreading, and aims to end up in the art/graphic novel industry. She’s extremely fond of petting cats, eating tacos, and fun socks, particularly if they’re comfy. For some examples of her art, check out her Instagram or Tumblr.
Sonja offers proofreading and book cover and graphic design.

Cara Devereux

Cara Devereux grew up in a house full of books and it has never occurred to her not to write. Outside of writing, Cara loves God and her somewhat peculiar family. She enjoys playing music, cooking, and being outside. She graduated in 2016 with an Honours in Theological Studies and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Cara offers proofreading, interior formatting, and blurb critique.

Charis Rae

Charis is an extroverted teen with an avid love of words. Her first story was written on blank sheets of paper, complete with stick-figure illustrations. She now writes full-length novels, blog posts and articles, and mentors other young writers. Other than writing, Charis enjoys performing arts, graphic design, photography, and reading.
Charis offers developmental editing and graphic and web design.

Bailey Gaines

Bailey Gaines is a historical fiction writer with a love for Celtic, medieval, and Civil War history. She attributes her love of literature to her mother and the homeschool curriculum she used throughout Bailey’s school years, which relied heavily on reading and writing. Bailey lives in Georgia with her parents, four siblings, and two dogs.
Bailey offers proofreading and copyediting.

Kendra E. Ardnek

Kendra is an independent author herself and is committed to helping other indies make their best start. She makes her home in the piney woods of East Texas, and though she might critique harshly, she’ll probably also be your biggest fan. Her favorite genre is fantasy, and she leans towards artsy, title-centric covers.
Kendra offers book cover and graphic design and blog tour hosting.

Savannah Grace

​Savannah Grace is a Nebraska born-and-raised author who, when not lost in (or creating) a story, is often found making an artsy mess, laughing way too loudly, or eating as much Korean food as she can get her hands on. Savannah has had various fiction pieces published, and is an editor for Havok Publishing, along with being a freelance editor.
Savannah offers copy, line, and developmental editing.

Maddy Crone

Maddy Crone is a 17-year-old blogger, dancer, and photographer. She can often be found with a book in her hand and a song on her mind. Maddy has a serious case of wanderlust, and loves getting to explore new places. She believes in capturing the moment, saying yes to new adventures, and trusting the Lord through it all.
Maddy offers proofreading, graphic and web design, and media management.