Today I’m sharing another guest post we shared over at Maya Joelle. Here’s a snippet!

I adore this post because it’s such a big part of what Reveries Co. is. It gives you a clear view of my thoughts on platforming, which is a vital aspect of publishing – but which can sometimes feel a bit selfish!

So let’s get right into it:

Why Getting Involved in the Bookish Community is Rewarding

I’ve been involved in the bookish community for many years as a blogger, author, and later writing coach.

Now I hope Reveries Co. will offer a hub of inspiration and advice to authors of all shapes and sizes through our blog and social media, as well as offering affordable, professional services.

Suffice to say I’ve spent a lot of time trying to think of ways to benefit the bookish community — writers and readers of all sorts — but sometimes, when people question why I invest so much time in it, I feel like I’m not sure why.

Why is it worthwhile to be involved in the online community of readers and writers who I lovingly refer to as “the bookish community”? Why do I want to help them? What’s the purpose of it all? Is it a worthy cause?

After thinking it through, I think I have some answers, and I hope they’re helpful to you, too!

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Thanks & have a splendiferous day, writers!

Kellyn Roth

Reveries Co. Manager

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