Today I’m here to share some quick tips to train yourself to write faster. Each of these tips is for a different type of fast writing, so it offers some variety!

For more words in a short amount of time, focus on writing fast. And nothing else.

First you need to figure out how fast you can type. I can get about 105 WPM, so I can easily get out 1,000 words in 10 minutes or 2,000 words in 20 minutes — if I don’t think.

My steps to do this?

  1. Look over my outline and make sure I know exactly what will happen for the next couple thousand words.
  2. Use Write or Die or a similar tool to keep track of words and force myself to keep writing no matter what.
  3. Turn off notifications, crank the tunes, and just write!

Increasing your typing speed will help a lot with this, because it allows you to think about nothing but the writing.

Also, the better your outline, and the more you realize that the first draft needs to be bad, the better you’ll do!

For more words over the course of the day, focus on writing in small snippets.

Don’t just sit down and tell yourself to write a lot of words over the course of the next ten hours.

Instead, spread it out. 20 minutes here for your first 200, then another 20 minutes for the next, and so on.

I find that I seldom accomplish anything if I start out with, “I’m going to write 5,000 words over the course of the day!”

Instead, I need to do something more along the lines of, “In the next half an hour, I’ll get my first 1k, and after that I’ll reassess my energy levels to see if I can keep going or not.”

I’ll often sit down at the beginning of a day, figure out how much I want to write and when I have time to write, and then make a plan based on that.

Remember to take breaks and allow yourself to relax, too. You can’t just keep writing nonstop for hours and hours — you need to get up, stretch, rest your eyes, and regain your mental energy.

For more words over the course of a month, focus on creating a time to write every day.

These are the times where you can use the previous two tips as well as create a long-term habit of writing.

If you write 1,000 words every evening before 7 and 9 PM, it will soon become a habit. Don’t give up when it doesn’t become easier after a few days, though!

According to most studies, it can take anywhere from 18-254 days to form a habit, though most studies have said it takes a little over two months for it to be routine.

Again, you’ll want an overarching goal for words written. Events like NaNoWriMo can be hugely helpful for this! But you can also make monthly goals by yourself.

Whatever you do, remember to keep yourself accountable. Tell your writer friends what you intend to do and why! Then do it.

Creating consistency in your writing is vital, and once you do, you’ll find both your speed and level to be increasing daily!

Further Reading

What do you do to increase your writing pace?

Thanks & have a splendiferous day, writers!

Kellyn Roth

Reveries Co. Manager

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